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The Muteki Daitai (Kanji: 無敵大隊, Kana: むてき だいたい) is the world's largest Private Military Corporation, with over 10 Million persons in service, and over 30 Million in Logistics and Domestic Services. It was founded in 2025, in Ueno, Tokyo, Japan, by Kumiko “Nicole” Mori, more commonly known as The Harbinger. Despite its official status as a PMF, it has often been called a stateless army. Many view the Daitai as part of the Mori Zaibatsu.

Early History

The Muteki Daitai was founded on August Fourth, 2025. While officially being a Japanese corporation, the Daitai can trace it's roots to Somalia. The Muteki Daitai was initially a (by NATO standards) battalion of Somalian, Sri Lankan, and Japanese pirates, terrorists, and extremists. Most members initially swore allegiance to a Somali Crime Lord, known as Big Jon. In 2023, he captured Kumiko Mori, and forced her into prostitution. However, the second night he captured her, he was murdered at Nicole's hands, ironically with his golden dagger. It was from there that Nicole took the reigns of Big Jon's syndicate, murdering many of Big Jon's lieutenants, or loyalists to the deceased crime lord. Initially, Interpol started hunting Nicole for several reasons, namely treason, human trafficking, desertion, murder, and drug trafficking.

After moving from their headquarters in Obbia, Somalia, the Daitai settled in Bosra, Syria. After several months, the Daitai began to launch offensives against remnants of the Islamic State, as well as Al Qaeda and Syrian Government Loyalists. This caused the Daitai to receive international praise for creating stability in the region, but was still criticized for the trafficking of drugs and weapons. In late 2023, the Daitai launched Operation RETURN TO SENDER, an offensive against Russia, which was trying to expand into parts of Poland, Ukraine, and Georgia, under orders from Russian President.

In 2024, the Daitai started to grow, after peacekeeping operations in Syria and Iraq proved to be successful. By June, the Daitai had reached 250,000 Infantry, many of them coming from poorer parts of the world Such as Guatemala and Vietnam. It was hired by the Malian Government during the Malian Civil War as Government Auxiliary, but Tuareg Forces soon made a better deal, which caused the Daitai to turn on the Malian Army halfway through the war. Many Malians credit the Daitai with the Tuareg victory in the war.

In 2025, the Muteki Daitai was officially founded as a Private Military Corporation in Ueno, Tokyo.

During the year 2026, the Daitai was hired for security in Norway, during the 2026 Oslo Winter Olympic Games. Under the Daitai's security, there were no attempts of terrorism on the games which succeeded. This proved the Daitai, which at the time, had grown to half a million, to be the world's most effective security force. The next year, the US Government hired the PMC for Riot Control during the Los Angeles Riots of 2027. This has been cited as the Daitai's second controversial move, despite a lack of brutality used by the Daitai. Soon after the Riots, the Daitai ballooned to 750,000 Infantry, overtaking G4S as the world's largest Private Security Firm.

For a short period of time in 2027, the PMC was hired by the Congolese Government, during the Congolese Invasion of Madagascar. The 666th Akuma Division proved itself to be one of the Daitai's most effective forces, as it swiftly neutralized all coastal and aerial defenses in the small African nation. Soon after, the full blunt of the Daitai invaded the island, obliterating any and all resistance.

After North Korea severed its' ties to the People's Republic of China, the Daitai soon after invaded the Hermit Kingdom in the Daitai-Korean Conflict, beginning in 2027. The move was praised by South Korea, Japan, and several NATO Member States, but was as equally criticized by the international community. At an appearance in Oslo, The Harbinger stated "no one else had the balls to do it. So we did it. We can't let millions of children in this dictatorship become brainwashed and malnourished." In 2028, the Daitai surrounded Pyongyang, and soon after captured Kim Jong Un. The North Korean Dictator, however, was not brought for trial in International Court, but was executed in the Capital. The Harbinger responded to the outcry by stating that "He continued to commit the same sins as his father and grandfather. He didn't bother to stop them. Kim knew damn well what he was doing, and the charges were already placed. The judgment was prepared to be carried out."

Later, in 2028, The Harbinger was awarded The Nobel Peace Prize, but not without controversy. People claimed that she was not worthy of it, since "The Daitai-Korean Conflict was not solved in a non-violent manner." These statements, however, were disregarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Soon after, the Daitai was admitted into the Pacific-Asia Defense League.

In 2030, to the shock of the world, the Daitai launched Operation OCEAN PHANTOM - the invasion and seizure of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The United States and People's Republic of China scrambled to launch intervention forces in the aftermath of the Invasion. However, they were forced to stand down on the orders of President Kong Nu-kai. After this incident, the International Community was in a state of utter shock and disbelief. In the aftermath, the Daitai had many of its American and European locations raided and quarantined by the FBI and Europol respectively.

Later in 2030, per the Daitai’s suggestion, the Pacific-Asia Defense League was reorganized into the Coalition Union, with the induction of the Persian Confederacy into the alliance.

For the next several months, allies of the Daitai were hit with sanctions and tarriffs, after they refused to allow Daitai officials to be extradited to the Hague for trial by the International Criminal Court for the stunt in Taiwan. As well, they refused to allow America and the European Union to seize Daitai property in their territories.

In 2032, the Daitai would launch a surprise incursion into Vietnam, seizing the capital of Hanoi, as well as the Vietnamese Communist Party, forcing the nation into surrender.

Chain of Command

The Muteki Daitai is not officially controlled by a CEO, nor is it controlled by a Board of Directors. Instead, the Daitai Forces possess a military styled chain. When Kumiko Mori was questioned about this, she responded by saying “Greed clouds Judgement. People often forget that the Daitai is not only a Corporate Entity, but a Military Force as well.”

I) Commander in Chief: Harbinger (Current: Kumiko Mori)

II) Deputy Harbinger (Current: Rei Mori)

III) Sturmbanfuhrer (Current: Kohei Sato (Commander of the Muteki Daitai Ground Forces)

III) Ace Baron (Commander of the Muteki Daitai Aerial Brigade)

III) Lord of Admirals (Commander of the Imperial Daitai Naval Division)

III) Rikugun Taishō (Commander of the Imperial Daitai Marines)

III) Grand Arban (Commander of the 718th Division of The Muteki Daitai)

IV) Legatus Legionis (Deputy Commander of the Muteki Daitai Ground Forces)

IV) Red Baron (Current: Asuka Mori (Deputy Commander of the Muteki Daitai Air Bridgade)

IV) Generaladmiral (Deputy Commander of the Imperial Daitai Naval Division)

IV) Rikugun Shōshō (Deputy Commander of the Imperial Daitai Marines)

IV) Major General (Deputy Commander of the 718th Division of the Muteki Daitai)


DARCON, also referred to as Dark Con, is the measure of the Muteki Daitai PMC’s state of readiness during times of conflict.

Political Factions

While control of the Daitai is mainly handled by a sitting Harbinger, there exist several different political factions within the Corporation, each with their own view of how things should be run.


Dai-Nationalists are a whole-spectrum political faction within the Daitai. They believe the Daitai to be the New Sparta, which lacks major territory. As such, they advocate for the establishment of a Daitai “homeland” to call their own. Dai-Nationalists usually advocate for creating a homeland in several areas: Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, and former Alberta.


Medanists refer to a sect of the Daitai‘s political spectrum who’s focus is on advancing the rights of Medani. It is known that Kumiko Mori belongs to this faction, but it is unknown which subfaction she supports.


Darwinists believe that Medani are the next step in human evolution, and are wholly superior to the average human. They are Centre-Right on the political spectrum.


Egalitarians advocate for absolute equality between normal humans and Medani. They are roughly Left wing.


Taking their name from the Mitsubishi A6M of World War II, Zeros are older members of the Daitai with an overly zealous, nationalistic belief system. They do not believe that a Harbinger should be the commanding officer of the Daitai, but rather His Majesty The Emperor of Japan. Zeros usually descended from prominent ultra-conservative families in Japan, usually with ties to the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy of old.


Bushi are a subfaction of the Zeros political faction who believe that a greater emphasis should be placed on ground forces in combat.


Suifu are the opposing subfaction of Zeros who believe that the Navy deserves greater emphasis, as well as more resources from the Daitai’s economies.


The Muteki Daitai does in fact control small amounts of territory, mostly within the Japanese Empire. That being said, the territory they do possess is barely large enough to be of note.

Onamuji Special Administrative District

Onamuji Special Administrative District is an artificial island in the vicinity of Tokyo. It is accessible only by rail or helicopters. It is co-governed with the Japanese.


Many media outlets have often referred to the Daitai as a ”Stateless Army” as opposed to a Private Military Firm. This comes from several ocassions, most notably the Daitai-Korean Conflict, during which the Daitai operated outside international law and of its own accord. As such, the PMC has created a culture of its own, often compared to Canada’s Cultural Mosaic or America’s Cultural Melting Pot.


One noticeable part of the Daitai’s military culture is the presence of ‘Ohana contracts. ‘Ohana, in Hawaiian, a term of kinship meaning “family.” ‘Ohana contracts bind Daitai operatives to their squadmates. Part of this tradition is the belief that even should a soldier die in combat, they are not truly dead, as their memory lives on in their siblings-in-arms, and the tales of their duties are passed down.


One of these traditions is for a platoon or company’s officer to carry a sword, usually a Tanto, Katana, or Claymore, into battle. The belief stems from a quote from “Mad Jack” Churchill (1906-1996), a British officer who, during the Second World War, became famous for his tendency to carry a Scottish Claymore into battle, along with bagpipes and a bow and arrow. When asked why he did this, Jack responded with: “Any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed." As such, Kumiko Mori jokingly took the quote to heart, and wielded a traditional Tanto into battle instead of a more practical sidearm such as a Glock 18 during the Fall of Pyongyang. However, one Daniel Byrd of the 666th Division decided to carry the torch (or sword, rather) during the invasion of Taiwan in 2030. Afterwards, several of Daniel’s friends decided to continue the legend, which started inspiring other officers to carry a sword into battle.


A rather controversial tradition within the Daitai is the use of the Stahlhelm by a small minority of troops. While there is no one reason as to why some troops opt for the M35 Stahlhelm instead of modern helmets, there are three main ideas. In 2027, after a failed assault on a KPA compound, the commanding officer of a company decided to wear a Pickelhaube as a type of “dunce cap” for his failure. However, due to the rarity of the helmet, he bought a Stahlhelm instead. As a result, other companies began adopting the Stahlhelm as a dunce cap. Another rumor is that Chinese and German nationalist troops in the Daitai adopted the helmet as a symbol of past power, hoping to inspire troops under their command. The final school of thought is that some troops could only find the Stahlhelm in Daitai stashes, and stuck with it because it looked cool.

Running in The 90s

The 90s are a trend that supposedly arose within some elements of the Muteki Daitai PMC’s ranks after the invasion of Taiwan. Bored officers would race their vehicles - ranging from Humvees, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Fighting Vehicles, and cars that were “borrowed” from the locals, as well as the ocassional tank. With the COs “pre-occupied” with “tips about rebels”, the racers (often known as AEs) would designate a route, anywhere from five to ten kilometres long. After a small number of crashes, it was presumed that 90 Kilometres per Hour was the best speed to go at during these races, hence being called “The 90s”.


The Muteki Daitai PMC provides a variety of services for its customers, which range from private individuals to business and nation-states. The Muteki Daitai PMC provides the following services:

- Training of Security Personnel

- Offensive Operation Training

- Law Enforcement Training

- High Value Asset Protection

- Law Enforcement

- Combat Operations

- Counter-Insurgency Operations

Subsidary Military Companies

In order to continue funneling money to it, the Daitai began to set up several smaller PMCs, linked to it only by a complex network of other mother companies.

Chiyou Group

Chiyou Group is a Taihoku (formerly Taipei) based Private Military Contractor. It is perhaps the most autonomous of all the Daitai’s subsidary PMCs, as it was given free reign over what contracts it would take, as well as what weapons and vehicles its operatives would use.

Steiner Security Solutions

Steiner Security Solutions was an Austrian PMF which was bought out by the Daitai sometime in 2034. Based out of Villach, SSS would participate in executive level security operations for high-ranking Daitai officials, such as The Harbinger herself. SSS would also be deployed on assassination, sabotage, and recon operations of high importance. SSS was later disbanded with the death of the Steiner Sisters.

Subsidary Civilian Companies

As the Eastern Cold War continued on, the Daitai decided to create civilian companies which would work as a front, in order to funnel money to it so the Daitai could continue waging warfare in light of sanctions placed on it by the NATO-Russo Alliance and its allies. These consisted of Department Stores, a Soft Drink Company, an airline, and a restaurant chain.

Magpul-Remington Weapons Technologies

Magpul-Remington Weapons Technologies, also known as Mag-Rem, is a Daitai-owned firearms manufacturer responsible for providing almost sixty-six percent of all of the PMC’s firearms. Magpul-Remington Weapons Tech was a merger of the well-known Remington Arms Company and Magpul Industries Corporation

Pan-Pacific Soft Drinks

Pan-Pacific Soft Drinks was founded on April 4th, 2037, out of Kyoto, Japan. Pan-Pacific Soft Drinks was created to compete with American soft drink giants PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. Their first beverage, set to compete with Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Dr. Pepper, was Hakodate Star Soda, a cola which supposedly had less calories and sugar than the trio. It was first launched in Japan, followed by the Republic of Korea, Republic of Cuba, Arabian Federation, Ukraine, and Venezuela, later being exported to the United States, Russia, Canada, and the United Kingdom that same year. After the initial success of Hakodate Star Soda, it was expanded to a full line called Hakodate Star Sodas. Pan-Pacific Soft Drinks would go on to release General Lee's Root Beer, Mania, and Sakura Tsunami.


Partem Department Stores were founded on January 1st, 2038. Their purpose was to challenge Target and Walmart. Unlike the two American corporations, Partem was capable of providing cheaper products. It was active in the USA, UK, Japan, Korea, and eventually the Commonwealth of Tibet and Dominion of Manchukuo.

Imperium Airlines

Imperium Airlines were founded on May 2nd, 2037. Based out of Tokyo's Narita International Airport, it initially flew from Japan to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Manchukuo, Korea, Bharata Republic, and Russia. Imperium Airlines is one of the largest airlines in existence. It has a fleet of over 3000 airplanes.

Tomorrow Industries

Tomorrow Industries was founded on April 20th, 2035 in Okinawa, Japan. It is a science firm, researching and developing everything from battlefield weapons (one example being the Type-18 Dragon Turtle Tank) to vending machines to genetically engineering new animals (such as the Ineki).

Bon Appetit Franchises

Bon Appetit Franchises is the department of the Daitai responsible for managing its restaurants, such as Lil' Danny's and Grab-n-Go.

Lil' Danny's

Lil' Danny's is a chain of restaurants belonging to the Daitai's Bon Appetit Franchises. Founded on July 3rd, 2030, Lil' Danny's styles itself as an "all-American diner." It was one of the most popular restaurants in the former United States. It focuses on western cuisine.


Grab-n-Go is a chain of fast food restaurants. It was founded on March 22nd, 2032. Grab-n-Go describes itself as a merger of Eastern and Western cuisine.


One notable benefit of military employment with the Daitai is a guarantee for employment of family members, should they choose to work for the Daitai.

All Datai soldiers and their families are covered for Health Insurance by the Muteki Daitai PMC and its subsidary corporations. These include prescriptions, surgeries, doctors appointments, and many more.

During deployment, the family of a service member have the option to opt for subsidized housing located on or near a base.

Notable Individuals

The Harbinger/Kumiko “Nicole” Mori - The very first Harbinger and founder of the Daitai

Kenji Mori - Son of Kumiko Mori and initial heir to the Daitai - Deceased

Rei Mori - Daughter of Kumiko Mori and current heir to the Daitai, will replace Nicole as Harbinger once she steps down

Asuka Mori - Youngest Daughter of Kumiko Mori, to replace Rei Mori as Deputy Harbinger upon her ascenson

Kohei Sato - Cousin of Kumiko Mori and first Sturmbanfuhrer

Sun Xin

Eiji Shimazu

Lieutenant Colonel Ivan "Balaclava" Sirko

Leftenant Madison Barrett

Naka-Chan - Mascot